Well, it's 2020. A new year and a new me….or rather an old me. I am a newer version of the old me, or maybe an older version of a new me? Anyway, some things have changed. I am now,for the first time in a good many years, back on a Linux Laptop. This time, I opted for a System76 laptop so that I wouldn't have to spend a million hours of my time configuring and installing linux, downloading drivers…you know..all the fun stuff!

This is my first time buying a “Linux” Laptop as opposed to just buying a consumer laptop, wiping Windows and installing a Linux variant on it.

I decided on System76 for a few reasons.

  1. They have a 17” Laptop.
  2. They have a custom distro called Pop!_OS that is Ubuntu/Debian based.

So far I have to say, I am very happy!

Unboxing Fun

The box had a fun space theme on the inside. (the box is now a home for my daughters toy rabbit)

More Unboxing fun!

The out of the box setup experience was pretty great as well!

More Unboxing fun!

The default WM is Gnome. It's a decent WM, but I am a fan of Awesome WM personaly, so I took the time to get things setup in a manner that I liked. I'll try and post some stuff regarding my setup at a later date.

Basically, I use:

  • Awesome WM
  • zsh is my shell
  • Tmux with custom theme
  • Inconsolata with Powerline
  • Vim with my own custom setup based on Janus