Well, here we are! I've noticed that with all the transferring things back and forth between blog systems has really done a little number on my entries! A lot of the source code is gone..=/\nSo, here I am starting a brand new blog. I have totally rewritten everything (again!) in Codeigniter. I decided a while ago to basically accept the fact that I am a php developer and just leave it at that. So, I have found a great MVC framework to work with, as well as an awesome platform to run everything on. I will be trying to get my older blog entries placed here on this blog, but for the time being, you can take a peek at them on my posterous site (that is certainly the best place to view them) weatheredwatcher.posterous.com.

In other news, the start up that I have been working on has had a few issues (mainly health issues on my part!) but is back on track to launch very soon. I have also merged my consultancy with another group and starting January first, we will be really going after high end clients.My role is one of leadership and mainly I will be project managing rather then actually coding. Hopfully this will allow me time to work more on some person projects as well as be a bit more active in the OSS community.