\n Okay, so here is the situation: I promised my brother that I'd email him my current resume a week ago. I currently do not live in a place with interwebs, so I am a slave to internet cafe's at the moment. So, I continued to forget to send it to him. I've been meaning to upload my resume to google docs for some time now, and I decided to see if I could get my resume to my brother using nothing but my iphone.

Round One: I had at one point installed the free version of Savy Soda's Documents2. I synced that back on the iphone and gave it a whirl. Uploading a pdf of my resume to Documents2 was not that hard. When I tried to load it into my Google Docs, it wouldn't do it.

David 0 Failure 1

Round Two: Documents2 has the ability to email a doc to someone. I tried to

  1. email directly to my brother = Fail!

  2. email to google docs = Epic Fail!

David 0 Fail 2

Round Three: I remember Evernote. Everyone seems to love evernote. I read about it all the time. I even had an account. I installed the iPhone app. There is no way to sync wirelessly to it. I need to have the note already on line or I need evernote installed on my mac. Epic Fail!

David 0 Fail 3

Round Four: The next day I am at an internet cafe. I can, from here upload my resume to Google docs and to Evernote. (I could of course, just email it to my brother but then I wouldn't be geek then would I!?) So Google Doc. This was my first thought. Can't email the pdf to someone. Google Docs won't allow it. I upload my doc version but it gets slaughtered by Google Docs. I upload the pdf to evernote, and then I can email it from my iPhone to anyone!!

David over 9000 ftw! Fail 3

Evernote, it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!