\n Okay, I'm back! After nearly a month out of the workforce, I am currently back at the old grindstone. I am working on a contract with The State Media Company. It's great to be back at coding again professionally! Anyway, I got two tid bits to share with all. The first involves sessions and the second headers. The app that I am developing (can't get too much into it right now but I'll re-work some of the code for here laters) uses a lot of session work. You MUST load the session before you do ANYTHING else. Don't do it, it won't work! About headers……this is some cool stuff. I use the code:

header("refresh: $sec, $url);

to reload a page after the form is validated. Here is the catch: any program output and the header will not load.

echo("Form didn't Validate");
header("refresh: $sec, $url);

This code above will result in epic fail.

Another thing that I learned: I really needed to be using Netbeans for this. My code was working yesterday, today not. I had made changes to the code and had I been able to use internal versioning of Netbeans, I wouldn't have banged (too much) against the desk!