A few days ago I went ahead and I install Cloud9 ide onto my laptop. I've been using the cloud version for editing this site as well as some other git-hub based sites and I love it. I didn't think that I could love it even more then I did before, but I do!\n Locally, I can launch a workspace and start editing local files…and the console gives me complete shell access to my system! I'm working on a project that is being managed with subversion =( and the design team is using sass. So when a change is made in the core style, I can go to the console and update the svn then compile sass with compass and we are good to go!!

Obviously I also use it with all my projects that are git based as well!! It's very nice. It's also very helpful with my New Years Resolution to learn Node. Cloud9 is node based and gives a GREAT environment to develop node in. Also, when I am using a single screen of the laptop, it's a great space saver. C9 loads up in Chrome right next to the site I am working on. I have all the Dev tools handy and can just go back and forth between the tabs!! So go ahead and give it a try! You can install it as easy as pie…look into the git hub repo: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9!!