My blog just hit an anniversary. The very first post in the blog was in July 2008. Looking back over the years a lot has changed. A lot hasn't. I've been through some jobs. Been through some laptops. Changed my linux a few times….and my tool stack =). I've had a few Macs and a few smart phones. I've blogged about php, Javascript, C++, perl, python and node js. I've discussed Vagrant, Chef, Ant and a bunch of other tools for DevOPs and Continuous Integration. My blog has seen WordPress, hand rolled Rails and PHP. I've used it to display a feed for Posterous (R.I.P.) and I used flat file based systems both in perl and in ruby. Currently it is Ghost, in Node JS.

As I look to the future, who know what will change! I know that one things will not change…I'll never stop changing things up!