\n Well, it finally here! I live in a house that has connections to the internet! So lack of knowledge and resources can not stop me in mastering Ruby on Rails. Every project that I ever started, I would hit this wall. A wall were I would go “Damnit! I could do this in php in about half the time!” It was mainly just a lack of internet and the wonderful resources that it provides. So now, the lack is gone and I can go boldly forward!!

For starters, I mainly use Coda for Rails development. I also installed and set up a local git repository. Then, after a little deployment mishaps earlier today, I decided to give heroku a try. They offer free webspace for a basic site, so I took them up on the offer. It's so awesome. Okay, so it took me two hours and a blood sacrifice to get it all set up initially, but once I had it all up, it's awesome. I'm coding and testing and deploying so fast it's crazy!! So shortly I hope to have a few good working sites up in Rails!