\n It dawned on the a while back that using google reader to view all the blogs and other things that interest me online, I was inadvertently sterilizing the web. I don't see the changes that people make to their websites. I just read the content. It is, ultimately a very self-centered act. We are saying that only the content interests us, not the individuals artistry. As a web-developer, I have to ask myself if I want others to sterilize my site in the same way. I have spent a lot of effort on my site. (I just today made some changes to my logo and stuff…) Both the main site and the theme that my WordPress blog uses. I also know a lot of sites that are great. My friend Ian has a great blog. So is the blog Blogging is Futile. One of the blogs I read regularly (a relative term based on updates!) Amaya's “If I Can't Dance to It It's Not My Revolution” has changed at least twice since I've been reading..and I don't even know when the last change took place! Another awesome blog site is Andreas Gohr's splitbrain.org

Don't get me wrong, I like google reader, and it has been a very useful tool, just don't forget to check out the sites of your friends from time to time!!